The research intends to explore children and young people´s understandings and everyday experiences of happiness and wellbeing, as well as, their relationships with their urban public environment, addressing the possibilities of the city as an inclusive agent.


It aims to understand and address important concerns, such as low levels of mental health among children and young people, lack of quality of the proposed urban environment, compare different levels of civic engagement with the community and the city, and look at the city as an integrating agent rather than a fragmenting one.

The research is designed to assess the impact of the urban environment on C&YP mental health and inform the future development of happy cities. 





Maria Jesus Alfaro

is an Architect with a master's degree in Real Estate Development and Construction Industry and over seven years of experience in the architecture and building industry.

Is currently enrolled in the PhD of Geography and Environmental Sciences at the University of Birmingham in UK.

Sponsored by a scholarship awarded by CIENCIACTIVA, Peru; is the main researcher for this project.



Prof. Peter Kraftl

is a social and cultural geographer, specializing in research on children and young people, education, and architecture. He has had a long-held interest in theories of materiality, emotion, affects and embodiment, sometimes collated as nonrepresentational theories. Peter has recently published a book on the geographies of alternative education, which drew together many of these ideas.

Dr. Sophie Hadfield-Hill

is a Lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Birmingham, School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Science.  Dr. Hadfield-Hill’s work is informed by children’s, urban and development geographies, with a particular focus on children and young people’s everyday lives in new urban environments. 

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